Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors play a big part of making a successful conference. We appreciate any type and size of sponsorship. Below is an overview of various sponsor opportunities. Sponsors can select exclusive options, prize drawings, door prizes and/or make monetary contribution. 


Exclusive Sponsor

Six exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available. Highlight your company across all attendees by sponsoring one of the exclusive sponsorship options. They include: 

  • Pad Folios (SOLD)

  • Conference Bags

  • Conference Pens (SOLD)

  • Conference Lanyards (SOLD)

  • App Splash Page

  • Conference Event Sponsor


Prize Sponsor

There are two type of prize sponsors. 

  1. Prize Sponsor

  2. Door Prize Sponsor

Prize sponsors can donate larger prizes that are given away during the Opening Session, Closing Session and during conference breaks. You can purchase any prize as long as it fits the minimum amount ($100) and ship it to the conference or bring it with you and turn it in at registration. We also have the option where you can select from a list of possible gifts and pay the amount, and then we take care of the rest. We purchase the gift, get it in the drawings and your company is listed as the sponsor. 

Door Prize Sponsors are for small door prize like items (ie, shirts, golf balls, bags, small gift cards, etc). These are used as gift items that are included in the on-going door prize drawings that take place throughout the conference. Your company is listed as a door prize sponsor. 


Monetary Sponsor

Just want to donate, no problem. You can donate a monetary amount and be listed as one of the sponsor types based on amount of the donation. 

The levels are: 

  • Bronze ($500 - $999)

  • Gold ($1,000 - $2,499)

  • Star ($2,500 - $4,999)

  • Super Star (> $5,000)