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Monetary Sponsor

Prize Sponsor

The prize sponsor prizes must be in value over $100. If you want to purchase and send in or bring to conference the prize, please complete prize submission form below so that we have a record of the sponsorship and we can get your company name included in the program. 

If you want to be a prize sponsor but don't want to deal with getting the prize, click on "Get Prize for Me" link below to select the gift item and payment and we will take care of the rest. 

Door Prize Sponsor

These prizes will given away throughout the conference. Drawings will take place throughout the conference and winners will be listed at the Region IV VPPPA Booth in the exhibitor hall. (These are any type small gifts that are good for general door prizes, i.e, key chains, shirts, mugs, jackets, gold balls, caps, etc.). You can turn these door prizes in at the time you check into registration and/or ship to the hotel in advance with attention to Region IV VPPPA.

Knowing in advance of the conference allows us to plan for the door prize giveaways. To let us know that you will be a general door prize sponsor allows us to get you company name listed in the program and allows us in planning. Please complete the form below for the general door prizes.

You can donate a monetary amount and be listed as one of the sponsor types based on amount of the donation. 

The levels are: 

  • Bronze ($500 - $999)
  • Gold ($1,000 - $2,499)
  • Star ($2,500 - $4,999)
  • Super Star (> $5,000

You can also contribute an amount below $500 and your company will be listed as a contributor. 

You can donate by credit card from link below are send by check to: 

Region IV VPPPA                                                                     PO Box 1702                                                                       Tupelo, MS 38803

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