Keynote Speakers

The 2017 Safety & Health Excellence Conference will provide an excellence conference kickoff with Ed Foulke and close with a motivating conclusion to the conference with Dale Lesinsk to energize you to carry back what you learned to help advance your program forward. 


Ed Foulke

Ed Foulke

Ed Foulke is a partner in Fisher & Phillips and co-chairs the firm's Workplace Safety & Catastrophic Management Practice Group. Prior to joining the firm, Ed Foulke  was Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA from 2006 to 2008.

Protecting Your Bottom Line Through Safety: What Your CEO Expects From You

Very few companies know how much it costs them when one of their employees is injured.  Even fewer companies recognize the significant impact a fatality or catastrophic accident can have on its brand, its stock price and its profitability.  This session will examine the hidden costs and corporate impact of a poor safety program and how to protect your company’s image and bottom line. Many times, safety and risk management fail to communicate those costs in methods that management recognizes. Methods to measure and compare cost of accidents and risk vs. financial performance elements such as gross revenue, gross profit, net profit and pennies per share will be discussed. This session will also explain how safety professionals can articulate to corporate officials and directors the importance of safety and how it can be a profit center as well as achieve operational excellence for the company.  The program will discuss best practices and strategies to avoid or quickly recover from business losses and bad publicity as a result of a catastrophic accident occurring at your work place. 


Closing Speaker

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Dale Lesinski

Dale Lesinski has over 25 years of experience in the safety market and over 10 years as an accomplished presenter. Dale has worked with dozens of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. 

 "Safe 4 the Right Reasons

This session has become one of Dale's most popular safety messages and for good reason. This session has mass appeal that applies to ALL audiences and delivers a personal message to each attendee.

Getting employees to value safety and safe behavior is the constant challenges faced by today's companies. "Safe 4 the Right Reasons" explains why we behave this way and can be used as the foundation of how to work with employees in avoiding accidents and to value safety. 

This program will be motivating in avoiding accidents and to value personal safety and address how to get employee's to adopt and value safe behavior. 

Through the use of everyday experiences, humor and our basic "wiring" as human beings, Dale demonstrates why we do some of the things we do and how we can deliver the greatest results by using our natural tendencies to stay safe on and off the job.

With high energy, relatability and humor, this interactive session will give you that "pick me up" you need to carry back to your worksite to make a difference.